The Tree is Growing

Allow me to introduce my blog. I want to use this space, to explore more creativity, in the form of writing. I want to be transparent and honest about my triumphs and challenges as an entrepreneur, a mother, a woman, and of course a photographer.

When I had set out to become a photographer and business owner, I did not foresee the very many hats I would have to wear. Sure, I knew I was getting into jobs I would never apply for in real life (web designer, book keeper, accountant, lawyer) but I understood they came with the territory of owning your own business. I was comfortable knowing I would take on the marketing career I never achieved but knew enough about to be dangerous. I've applied the sales tactics I've learned from my several jobs working as a saleswoman. Graphics I had in the bag. I went to high school and college for Graphic Arts and worked at several small print shops. Skills I have picked up from job after job. Nothing is wasted. I am big about recycling..hehe. The point is I knew I would be taken out of my comfort zone to chase that next dollar. I was not aware of how far though.

The goal is for this to be my main source of income. But the struggle is real. I've booked so consistently through June. And I've kept my prices fair. I'm feeling hungry and impatient. I'm stretched between 40 hours a week of work at a car dealership and 16 hours a week being a photographer. But I spend every waking moment (unlogged hours) scheming and planning and researching. I've mastered filling weekends but I can't sit around all week and just plan. I have to find a way to make money through the week that isn't the dealership. My heart wants to up and put in my 2 weeks. Not because I dislike the job, but because I'm chasing a dream. They say when you take that leap is when it happens but I'm still $1,009 away from hitting my June money goal to just contribute to my bills. If I make the jump and I don't book through the week, my 3 kids will go hungry. I'm honestly scared.

So, the tree must grow. I can't rely on family shoots during the weekends. Or the monthly boudoir event. As consistently as I am working, it's still not enough. I need something to fill the void of working for a corporation. So I'm exploring avenues I was nervous about getting into. I'm looking into real estate, possibly a studio, maybe some "boring" work but just to get the dollars up. My latest're reading it. I've always liked to write. I've always had a journal until I had kids and got too busy. So consider this a journal that I may be able to start marketing ad space for. I have friends at church, a lovely couple, that literally blog for a living. They have a food blog. They don't work... they blog. I am in awe that it is even possible. So I'm taking my shot at it, in hopes this will help drive me towards independence. Please subscribe or whatever you do. And follow my journey. I will keep praying on this and see where it takes me. If you've gotten all the way down here..thank you..truly, thank you.